smal business digital presence create

Everyone has a website. A place where their business is explained and showcased with stunning images, contact forms and even snazzy zooming maps to easily locate their premises. And that’s why you need a website too, right?

Not quite.

Just because you have a business, doesn’t mean you need a website.

Whether you need a website or not is all dependent on your business model and your target market. And to a greater extent, the same can be said for social media profiles. For a small business in South Africa, having a shotgun approach to your digital presence is not only a time consuming exercise but, it can also be VERY costly.

That’s why you need to carefully consider what it is your company actually does and more importantly how customers find you.

Are you a family owned restaurant? Then you probably don’t need a website. But, you do need to be on the map. The only map that counts: Google Maps. Add a dash of Facebook and maybe a pinch of Instagram. Stir in a good working relationship with the major B&B’s around you and you’ll have a recipe for a very decent digital presence and marketing strategy on the whole.

The results: not only lead generation but feet through your door and most importantly sales.

This is a perfect example of the TGM way of thought. There is no single solution to your digital presence and your digital marketing needs. Especially not in the South African small business sphere.

Which leads us to the very important question:

How do I create a digital presence for my business?

The answer: Know your customers. Know WHERE they come from and HOW they found you. Know WHY they buy your product or make use of your service.

This information is crucial to structuring your digital presence. As soon as you know this, you can start focusing your attention on what works for your customers and by association, your business.

It’s quite surprising how far an affordable focused digital marketing effort can get you. And that’s what we do here at TGM. We create affordable, easy to manage digital presences for small business. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. And here at These Guys Marketing, it doesn’t.