Cape town, marketing help

Friend with small business: Hey! Jy bou mos websites?
Me: Uh, sure?

This conversation in 2016 sent me on a journey that was quite unexpected. I have dabbled in the marketing and blogging sphere for a couple of years up until this point, where these two lines of conversation, sparked the fire that has now become TGM.

Coming from a small business background, I quickly realised how many people with small businesses in South Africa had the need for a marketing consultancy that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. Someone who can implement and create the basics and teach them how to take control of their brand and their marketing presence.

And now, this is what we do.

  • We create your digital presence by developing a good looking, fast loading 1-5 page website that showcases your brand.
  • We create and manage your digital presence in line with your needs and wants.
  • We establish and implement marketing strategy based on your business model with a focus on synergy between traditional and digital marketing approaches.
  • And finally, we teach you how to do this yourself, handing the reins back to you and saving you money in the long run.

We understand how important your business is to you. We get your grind, we get your hustle. And that’s why our main focus is YOUR business.

Because at These Guys Marketing, YOUR business is OUR business.

These Guys Marketing. We have arrived.