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Word of mouth has certainly taken on a new definition in this day and age with the rise of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media marketing has become such an integral part of small business marketing today that in many cases, it’s become the only form of marketing SME’s rely on.

Though it should by no means be the only form of marketing that you rely on, it definitely should be a key approach in your marketing strategy.

Why use social media?

    • It’s cheaper than traditional marketing.
    • Every rand you spend can be accounted for.
    • You have metrics at your fingertips showing you what you did right and what you didn’t, allowing you to adapt and improve.
    • You can communicate with your customers.
  • You have access to targeted demographics, locations and interest groups getting your message directly to your target market.

These are just a few of the reasons as to why you should use social media in your marketing approach. Yet, it doesn’t include the most important advantage:

It’s quite possible to do it yourself.

But where to start?

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1. Pick your weapon
A shotgun approach to social media is anything but ideal. If you target too many platforms you’ll end up wasting your time and money by spreading yourself too thin. Figure out where most of your customers congregate and focus on that platform.

2. Know everything you can about that platform
Read up on how this platform works. Know how customers see your posts and know how they interact on the platform. Google is your friend.

3. Don’t over promote
Nothing will send traffic away from your page as quickly as over promotion. Rather than posting 5 times a day about what it is your business does, figure out how you can add value to your clients through your business and have them come back for more.

4. Be visual
Use images to tell your story. Preferably good quality ones. Make your posts more engaging and visually appealing with good quality pictures. Remember the age old adage: A picture is worth a thousand words.

5. Consistency is key
Set a realistic goal for how often you would like to post. And then keep to it. It’s unbelievably easy to miss a post or two and then simply not post again for the next few months. Don’t fall into this trap!

These 5 tips will set you up for a good start to building a following on social media that you can utilise for campaigns. Remember to make your profile look good and to keep on communicating with your customers.

Word of mouth isn’t dead, it’s just been rebranded!

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