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What do you do when you want to push your marketing approach to the next level? Follow online courses? Read up on the internet? Get small business marketing training from These Guys Marketing? Here are five ways you can train yourself to improve your marketing approach.

1. Google is your friend.

In fact, Google should be your very, very best friend.

We live in a digital world and anything to do with digital will be … eh well, digital. The problem is usually finding it. In the case of your digital marketing approach you don’t have to dig deep at all. There are a myriad of resources available to teach you all the basic, intermediate and advanced stuff you could possibly want to know.

Pro: Most of the stuff out there is free and you can learn a ton by just clicking through to page 2,3,4 of Google.
Con: Time. You need time to research, read and study. And you’ll need time to experiment with this.

2. Do an online course.

There are plenty of places that do online short courses that are not necessarily academically recognised but will teach you the basics and advanced stuff of what you need to know with assignments along the way.

One of my absolute favourite resources has to be Shaw Academy(affiliate link). They have courses on anything from household finance and -budgets to marketing. The biggest lesson you’ll learn from them is ironically how to market an online service based business. It’s safe to say they have a brilliant marketing approach backed up by PHENOMENAL service and follow through.

Shaw Academy:

Shaw Academy, social media marketing, marketing training, small business

The Shaw Academy

Pro: Online courses will teach you everything you need to know over a few weeks in a structured curriculum, giving you a good chance of success.
Con: You’ll need to be disciplined in following the course; attending the online classes and completing your assignments. It’s easy to lose track of your training goals over an 8-week period when you are running your own business.

3. Platform based training.

Most online platforms that you will need to market your business, social media included, have their own knowledge platforms where you can learn how to optimally use their platforms. Google has to be the absolute market leader with an endless amount of marketing tools at our disposal.
Facebook, on the other hand, also has a very user friendly interface regarding their business management help.



Facebook Business Help


twitter, social media, marketing, business

Twitter Business Help


Instagram, social media, marketing, small business

Instagram Business Help

Pros: Extensive platform specific knowledge out there and literally every nook and cranny of the platform gets explored.
Con: Because of ALL the information pertaining to these platforms are available, the specific info you are looking for is sometimes very difficult to find.

4. Do a one day crash course through TGM.

Here at TGM we offer a one day group crash course where we run you through all the basics. We help you figure out which demographics you should target through to designing your marketing approach and choosing your platforms. We’ll even give you some insight into the tools we use for managing these platforms.

Pros: You get one-on-one time and get to attend the course from your business perspective.
Cons: It’s only a one day course!

5. Contact TGM for individual consultation.

TGM offers individual consultation for your business. We’ll do a digital audit to determine what your online profile looks like and then we’ll visit your business to determine your wants, needs and marketing goals. We work with you to find an approach that’s not only effective but manageable and within your budget.

Pros: One-on-one time. Business specific guidance.
Cons: Drinking too much coffee throughout this process.

Being a small business owner, you need to wear many hats. Being a salesman and accountant and marketer and CEO is nothing out of the ordinary for someone like you. To do your own marketing isn’t something that should necessarily be difficult, we all just need the right guidance and tools.

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