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You’ve advertised in the local newspaper. You’ve dabbled with sharing a post or two on social media. You might’ve gone as far as running a competition to gain followers to your Facebook page.

But…are you seeing results?

Marketing strategy isn’t always as simple as running an ad campaign on Facebook or simply placing an ad in the local newspaper. Sometimes you’ll need a digital marketing approach. Sometimes you’ll need a traditional approach. More often than not, you’ll need a mix of both to attain the marketing goals you have set out to achieve.

So, what is the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing? And what are the advantages of digital- and traditional marketing?

Digital Marketing – Marketing strategies and campaigns based around websites and social media platforms on the internet.

    • No accountability issue: See where you spent your money and what you got for it. Every cent is accounted for.
    • Generally cheaper as you can decide your budget and make your campaign work for you.
    • DIY friendly as you can get a lot of information online as to how to run your own campaigns.
  • Social: Word-of-mouth has a new meaning thanks to the rise of social networks. A well crafted campaign can bring in valuable leads and even go viral. Mostly, there is a massive advantage to being able to communicate with your audience.

Traditional Marketing – “Old school’ marketing like newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, business cards and the classic traffic light flyer.

    • People are accustomed to traditional marketing methods and therefore understand it better.
    • It’s easy to reach your local audience.
    • In a digital age, it’s becoming a novelty to receive a hard copy of anything. Even more so if it’s well crafted.
  • Certain demographics are not online. Especially in rural areas(where TGM has had a lot of success) a traditional approach simply works better.

At TGM we aim to provide you with a solution effective for your business and your business only. We aim towards synergy in marketing approaches where we not only limit ourselves to digital- and traditional approaches but also build symbiotic business partnerships throughout communities.

Contact us now to strategise your marketing approach.