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To those familiar with the tranquil wine-district of the Olifants-river valley, Alfalfa Contractors Accommodation is a familiar name. And there is a reason for it. Because of their unique target market, they had to come up with a unique and creative marketing strategy.

Here’s what These Guys did for Alfalfa Contractors Accommodation.

Accommodation vredendal marketing digital

Alfalfa Contractors Accommodation is a family run self-catering guest house business that can accommodate roughly 80 guests per night. Their USP focuses around the contractor market that visit Vredendal to complete big projects on the adjacent mines, cellars and renewable energy projects.

The difficult thing to pinpoint here was where Alfalfa Contractors Accommodation’s customers come from and how you’d approach them. Their clients, being specialists, usually come from metros like Cape Town and Johannesburg. Building relationships with prospective clients are difficult seeing as different contractors are mostly used for different phases in a project.

So how did they approach their clients?

Short answer: They didn’t.

Accommodation vredendal marketing digital

Alfalfa Contractors Accommodation took a traditional marketing approach using a combination of print media, local radio advertising and word-of-mouth strategies to become known within the town of Vredendal. They specifically focused on points where visitors interact with the town: fast food places, restaurants, liquor stores and fuel stations. Getting the staff of these establishments to know who Alfalfa Contractors Accommodation were, led to an increase in references and sales.

They also ran a very successful weekly campaign called the “Dankie-vir-die-diens” projek that rewarded local businesses for good service by providing their employees with a cup of Wimpy coffee. This led to businesses and employees being aware of ACA and what they do. They quickly established Alfalfa Contractors Accommodation as the guest house with the friendliest and best service in the region.

In a very intuitive manner, Alfalfa Contractors Accommodation also recognised other B&B’s in Vredendal not as competition but as a very important partner in a symbiotic relationship. Most contractors stay much longer than your average B&B guest and therefore is looking for a cheaper accommodation option, which Alfalfa provides. Having relationships with more expensive guest houses were therefore beneficial as Alfalfa Contractors Accommodation would be referred by them.

They of course returned the favour.

In 2017 Alfalfa Contractors Accommodation decided to step things up a notch and start focusing on the digital side of things as well. These Guys Marketing was called in and we created their multi page, fully responsive website according to specifications. Their site ranks number one on Google for their chosen search terms.

These guys marketing

These Guys then streamlined their Facebook account by creating new images in line with their brand, getting rid of the unnecessary Facebook fluff on pages and lent a helping hand to jump start their DIY approach to their social media marketing. They now successfully launch paid for ad campaigns independently and have even implemented some custom long term marketing campaigns of their own with great success.

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It’s safe to say that Alfalfa Contractors Accommodation‘s approach to marketing and relationships are closely aligned with what These Guys Marketing stand for: relationships between businesses, synergy between approaches and good old fashioned thinking outside of the box.

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